An Innovative vision or thought. I really trust that it's innovativeness that drags our attention to the picture. I've seen a large number of actually immaculate pictures that implied nothing to me, while now and then one picture with clamor and not that impeccable light stroke me, since it had one of a kind thought in it. Creativity, thought of the creator and one of a kind acknowledgment of this thought matters for me in the photography. I had no clue what I was getting myself into or where it would lead, however, the adventure has been luxuriously remunerating.

I am extremely passionate about wildlife. And when it was combined with photography, there was no looking back. I am very patient and ardent wildlife photographer. I get extreme joy and peace in wildlife photography. It also taught me many things about nature and wildlife habitat.

Family and friends always encourage and appreciate my work. If necessary, they kick me and suggest the ways to improve. They always stood beside me.